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31.12.2012 in Everything Else by Lena Gott 0

Carnival of Personal Finance & Posts You Can’t Miss This Week

WhatMommyDoes Featured on the Carnival of Personal Finance! At the last minute, I decided to submit my post about our decision to cut cable TV, and it was picked up by Jeff Rose at Good Financial Cents for the last Carnival of Personal Finance of 2012. WhatMommydoes was in good company – there were lots of great posts in this […]

31.12.2012 in Saving Money by Lena Gott 11

The Million Dollar Club – My Million Dollar To-Do List

I might be crazy, but I recently came across J. Money’s Million Dollar Club on Budgets Are Sexy and decided to join the challenge! Basically, the Million Dollar Club is for anyone who wants to eventually become a millionaire and wants to do something about it. As part of the challenge, I came up with a specific action list to get […]

29.12.2012 in Printables by Lena Gott 1

Free Printable Heart & Star Stencils

As a cost-conscious mom, I don’t like to pay for craft project materials unnecessarily; often, I get what I need online. Seeing as Valentine’s Day is sneaking up on us, I am in need of free printable heart stencils. While I was in the process of looking for heart templates, I came across a bunch of nice star stencils, so […]

27.12.2012 in Saving Money by Lena Gott 5

Do We Really Need Cable TV? What Are Our Alternatives?

Recently we went through a few household budget changes. We added a new baby to the mix, restarting all of the baby-related expenses from hospital bills to diapers and feeding. With the addition if our third child and a simultaneous big increase in my husbands travel schedule, I also found myself using a house cleaner and babysitters more than I’d […]

23.12.2012 in Saving Money by Lena Gott 3

24 New Ways to Save Money Added to the Ultimate List

Things have been quiet over here at WhatMommyDoes as I scramble to make last-minute Christmas gift and meal preparations. I had the best of intentions, but what would Christmas be without a little last-minute scrambling?!! I had a few moments to work on the blog, so I updated my ever-growing Ultimate List of Ways to Save Money with 24 more […]

17.12.2012 in Saving Money by Lena Gott 8

Our Emergency Fund Story & $100 Giveaway!!

Today I am joining several other personal finance bloggers in a $100 cash giveaway! The giveaway entry form appears at the bottom of this post. You may enter multiple times for many different chances at winning! **If you don’t mind, please make the WhatMommyDoes entry option your first stopping point!** The giveaway’s theme is “When there isn’t enough money at […]

15.12.2012 in Holidays, Kid Activities by Lena Gott 6

Christmas Playdate Ideas for Kids

This time of year, I love finding ways to get into the Christmas spirit. And it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of playdates, especially themed ones. Enter: Playdates that help us get into the Christmas spirit!  I’m thinking Christmas-themed crafts are the way to go. I have time to host several at my house in December, so I […]

14.12.2012 in Saving Money by Lena Gott 9

7 Things You Don’t Really Need But Buy Anyway

Recently, as I was shopping at Target and buying yet another round of products to keep our household running, it occurred to me that I could easily stop spending money on things that we don’t really need but are simply conditioned to buy. What first got me thinking about this were the dryer sheets I paid $4.99 for. Really? Do […]

14.12.2012 in Kid Activities by Lena Gott 2

8+ No-Cost Things to Do With Your Kids

FREE KIDS ACTIVITIES – 8+ NO COST THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR CHILDREN As a stay-at-home-mom, it can get a little nerve wracking to be at home every day with little adult interaction. But every time we leave the house, we inevitably spend money on something – sometimes it’s lunch at Chick-Fil-A because nap time crept up on me while we ran […]

05.12.2012 in Budgeting, Meal Planning by Lena Gott 23

How to Find Money in Your Pantry or Fridge

Recently, I unveiled my Ultimate List of Ways to Save Money. It’s a growing list of all the ways I talk about saving money around the house. #9 on the list: Do a pantry challenge every so often Soon after posting this, I received a comment that made me realize not everyone is familiar with the term “pantry challenge.” I’m […]

04.12.2012 in Everything Else by Lena Gott 8

7 Blog Posts You Can’t Miss This Week

Sometimes instead of writing posts I find myself hopping around the blogosphere reading excellent posts by other finance writers and bloggers. I would like to start highlighting some of the more interesting posts I come across in a roundup post in case any of my readers are interested in some light reading. Here’s what I’ve been reading the past few […]

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