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06.03.2014 in Weight Loss by Lena Gott 0

Shazzy Fitness Dance Challenge – Dance 10 Minutes/Day for 7 Days!

Good morning party people!! :) I’m pretty to excited to announce my very own giveaway on WhatMommyDoes. If you’ve been a reader since last year, you will know that I spent all of 2013 focused on my health. As of today, I’m maintaining at 55 lbs down. On the Way to Losing 75 Lbs Total After getting to this point about […]

19.02.2014 in Fitness by Lena Gott 0

4 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Make Yourself Skinnier. #3 is So Obvious You’ll Wonder Why You Didn’t Think Of It Sooner!

This week I got a little inspiration to put out some quick tip posts that help moms jump-start their weight loss journeys. Most of the advice I offer is intense – no excuses, make a plan, long-term advice. I’m changing my ways and will begin posting some quick tips along with the more detailed posts. Without further ado, here is […]

13.02.2014 in Printables by Lena Gott 11

Cute & Colorful To-Do List Templates

I don’t know how this happens, but every once in a while (especially when my husband is traveling), my to-do list spirals out of control. I write down my list of things to do each week on my calendar on the day I expect to be able to get it done….. Inenevitably, I try to pack way too much into […]

20.01.2014 in Printables by Lena Gott 0

Free Printable Butterfly Stencils, Four Leaf Clover Patterns & Rainbow Templates

Even though it’s only mid-January, today I really got into the mood to plan some spring projects for our household. Nevermind all the laundry waiting for me right now in the laundry room…I have crafts to plan! LOL I started today’s mission with spring flower crafts in mind, but now that I think better about it, I realize I should […]

03.01.2014 in Holidays by Lena Gott 5

Cute Valentine’s Day Snack Ideas for Kids

I LOVE Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, it always seems to sneak up on me after the holidays and pass all too quickly. If I could extend the Valentine’s Day season, I would! In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, I’m planning on making some cute heart-themed snacks for my kids. I thought I’d share some cute ideas I found online. […]

20.12.2013 in Printables by Lena Gott 0

Holly Leaf Templates – Free Printable Patterns to Cut Out

Today I have something new for you. It’s my very own set of printable holly leaf templates! I have needed printable holly leave patterns for a couple different Christmas projects (wreath and stencil patterns). Instead of just grabbing a stencil from another website like I always do, I decided to make my own. Free Printable Templates of Holly Leaves I’d […]

19.12.2013 in Weight Loss by Lena Gott 0

Cute Workout Tops for Strength Training

When I was in the midst of my year long weight loss journey in 2013, I went through workout clothes like nobody’s business! I always gravitated toward the same style top each time – tightly fitting racerback styles. Because I did primarily strenth training workouts, these styles allowed my arms to move freely. They were never in the way, like […]

11.12.2013 in Kid Activities by Lena Gott 0

Blank Snowman Templates

My kids always ask me for very specific crafts to do. Today, my youngest girl surprised me by saying she needed a “blank snowman template” and her stamp markers, not the dot markers that work like stamps. LOL I found a couple of cute snowman templates online that were, in fact, blank! As always, I’m sharing my finds with you […]

09.12.2013 in Holidays by Lena Gott 0

Santa Claus Mailing Address

So my oldest is now 5 years old and she has written a letter to Santa. She knows the mail takes a while to get to the North Pole and is upset that we might miss the mail lady on Monday if we don’t address the letter NOW and put it in the mailbox. :=) Where am I supposed to […]

09.12.2013 in Fun Stuff by Lena Gott 0

Win Cash This Month – $750 Let It Snow Giveaway

The month of December always brings mixed emotions to my household. On one hand, we are all excited about Christmas and celebrating the birth of our Christ. On the other hand, the holiday season can be kind of stressful with all the to-dos on our list, especially all the Christmas gifts I have to buy, wrap, and mail on time! […]

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