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24.05.2015 in Holidays, Kid Activities by Lena Gott 0

3 Ways to Remember Fallen Soldiers as a Family on Memorial Day

My kids are getting to the age where they want to know the meaning of every holiday. Here are 3 ways we explain Memorial Day to them. Feel free to grab the graphic below and share it on your personal Facebook page! For desktop visitors, right click on your mouse, then “save as.” Mobile visitors should be able to click […]

23.05.2015 in Entertaining, Holidays, Recipes by Lena Gott 0

Caprese Kabobs – Easy Summer BBQ Appetizer

It’s about to be full blown summer around here, and we’re already getting invitations to summer barbecues and pool parties. I like having a few go to recipes that can be thrown together quickly yet still look (and taste) fabulous. Enter: CAPRESE KABOBS! These little kabobs (am I spelling that correctly??) are the perfect solution for a quick party appetizer […]

3 Tips for Sticking to a Budget While Eating Healthy

Everyone who knows me knows that I love to save money. In fact, I used to have a slight coupon addiction. I can’t stand paying full price for anything, knowing that I will eventually come into contact with coupons or discounts for the same exact item if I can only time my purchase properly. Enter healthy eating. Do you know […]

Rainbow Salad in a Jar – The Perfect Summer Picnic Idea

There’s not much more I like than going on a picnic on a warm summer day. Instead of packing the same old things, I figure this year I can step up my game and try to pack some actual summer recipes! Here’s my first idea – RAINBOW SALAD IN A JAR! What You’ll Need for Rainbow Salad in a Jar […]

ABC Throwing Game

I am always looking for creative ways to teach my kids their letters. My middle child doesn’t like the traditional method of sitting down to learn (we always say that she doesn’t stop moving except when she sleeps!). So we’ve done lots of different learning methods with her to varying degrees of success. The two best ways we’ve found to […]

11.05.2015 in Being a Mom, Funny by Lena Gott 2

How to Identify a Toddler

Sometimes us moms just need to have a good laugh together. :) Do you know the hallmark signs of a toddler human? Here are the four ways you can identify that elusive toddler! ~Lena Other Posts You Might Like Dear Mom of a Preschooler, a Toddler, and a Baby   What Moms Need for the First Baby, Second Baby, and Third […]

11.05.2015 in Printables by Lena Gott 0

Free Printable Bi-Weekly Planner – Cute & Colorful Template

Today I’m excited to add another to do list to my growing collection of printables! This to do list is in a BI WEEKLY DAILY FORMAT. You have spots to record every little to do on your list each day of the week for two weeks! I love it this printable. I hope you do, too! :) Just like my […]

Baby Milestones Guide

When my oldest was born, my pediatrician gave us this handy Baby Milestones magnet.  I kept that magnet on our fridge throughout our oldest’s first few years, then let it stay up there when my second daughter came along 2.5 years later, and left it up there yet again after my little boy arrived. We just took it down because […]

Complete SAHM Guide Link Up

Complete SAHM Guide Link Up Do you have articles or resources that would be a blessing to another stay-at-home-mom? A bunch of us teamed up on a 3-week project to encourage, equip & inspire other moms this spring in the Complete Guide for SAHMs. Now it’s YOUR chance to share YOUR tips. How to Participate The rules are simple. Please […]

07.05.2015 in Being a Mom, Gift Ideas by Lena Gott 4

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – 12 Gifts That Will Save Mom’s SANITY!

Forget flowers, expensive jewelry, or candy. As a mom of three little ones, there are many more things that would mean the world to me. The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Idea – Sanity Saving Ideas Moms are constantly pulled in every direction at all times. I hate to admit it, but every once in a while I lose my cool […]

15 Completely Random Things To Be Happy About

Today, a 100% FUN post. :) Life is too short to be grumpy! Here are 15 things that will turn anyone’s frown upside down! 15 Completely Random Things To Be Happy About Your first love letter Doughnut holes Humpty Dumpty Early mornings Not being too grown up for anything Avenues of majestic trees Roadside stands Visiting a playground that holds special […]

05.05.2015 in Printables by Lena Gott 7

Pretty To Do List – Pink & Purple Ombre Printable

I am not a super girly girl by any means. But I definitely like PRETTY things. I also love to do lists. So today I’ve combined these two loves into a super cute pretty to do list template in ombre pinks and purples with HEARTS. The hearts are perfect because they can be used as checkboxes OR filled in with […]

01.05.2015 in Fitness by Lena Gott 0

5 Exercises for a Perfect Bubble Butt

If you’re a woman, I know you’ve often wondered how some women are able to achieve a bubble butt. Some are natural, for sure, but there are exercises you can do to help achieve this shape. These 5 exercises will put you on the right path to creating the perfect bubble butt! EXERCISE #1: The CLASSIC SQUAT You can’t create a […]

29.04.2015 in Being a Mom by Lena Gott 4

3 Things Every Little Girl Needs to Hear Her Daddy Say

This post is for all the dads out there with little girls in their care. It’s my fourth post in my 3 Words series, a series of posts full of heartfelt encouragement for moms and dads. Today as I was driving down the road, I heard a song I had heard a million times before. But for some reason I […]

27.04.2015 in Gift Ideas by Lena Gott 0

Easter Egg Money Bucket – Super Cute Graduation / College Student Money Gift Idea

It’s been a few weeks since Easter, and as always we are neck deep in empty Easter eggs! Each year I try to think of something fun to do with them. The last thing I want to do is use them once then toss them in the recycling bin. Seems like such a waste! As I was brainstorming a way […]

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