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28.10.2014 in Being a Mom, Giving Back by Lena Gott 0

Let’s Celebrate National Brush Day with a $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

One thing we struggle with DAILY in our home is getting the kids to brush their teeth properly. Earlier this evening, my kids ran upstairs to brush their teeth only to return to the living room in about 1.5 minutes claiming to be done. My 7-year-old says she doesn’t want to use her toothpaste anymore because it’s all of a […]

27.10.2014 in Photography by Lena Gott 0

{{FREE}} Family Photography Classes with Craftsy!

Today I stumbled across something I couldn’t wait to share. It’s something every mom I know will be super excited about. Free Online Photography Class – For Real! It’s a free course on taking professional quality photographs! It’s through a website called Craftsy. Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock for years and didn’t realize Craftsy was a thing. Now I’m […]

23.10.2014 in Holidays, Photography by Lena Gott 2

Not Stressing Out About Christmas – Getting Family Photos & Christmas Cards Done Early

With Halloween just around the corner and Christmas waving at me in the distance, I have been thinking a lot about how I plan to not stress out about the holidays. I am not a perfectionist by any means. My problem is that I DO TOO MUCH. Last year, I rushed around like I always do, purchasing gift after gift, waiting […]

12.10.2014 in Holidays by Lena Gott 0

Frozen Halloween Costumes – Elsa and Anna Dresses & Accessories

As Halloween approaches, my girls are really intensifying their plea for coordinating Anna and Elsa costumes from the movie Frozen. I haven’t told them yet, but I finally broke down and purchased them matching outfits. :=) I don’t usually splurge on things like this, and I know it might not be long before wearing matching costumes is the LAST thing […]

02.10.2014 in Printables by Lena Gott 0

Free Printable Art – Inspirational Quote About Imagination

Today I’m excited to share with you a new favorite thing of mine – a printable created based on an inspirational quote I saw written above an imagination play area at a children’s museum. It immediately struck me as one of those most inspirational quotes I have ever heard as it relates to childhood. Something we all tend to lose […]

30.09.2014 in Printables by Lena Gott 0

Printable House Cleaning Checklists

I admit it – I am not the world’s best housekeeper. I have good intentions, but I tend to get distracted easily. :) When I’m not distracted, I am going full steam on my latest big project and just don’t have time to clean my house on any sort of regular schedule. Besides, let’s also admit – it’s boring to […]

27.09.2014 in Printables by Lena Gott 0

800+ Free Pumpkin Carving Stencils!

Pumpkin carving is probably the thing I look most forward to each fall. I always get excited when I see the first Halloween decorations in the stores, and I know autumn festivities are upon us when I see gorgeous pumpkins at the farmer’s market. We usually carve one pumpkin for each person in the family. Since my kids are still little, […]

23.09.2014 in Kid Activities by Lena Gott 2

Halloween Playdate Ideas for Toddlers & Preschoolers

I’m always trying to think of fun playdate ideas for my little ones. Theres nothing better than a nice themed playdate. With October approaching, what better theme to plan than Halloween? Here are some cool ideas to consider. I’m thinking about doing the first two myself. Hope you get some inspiration from this list! Halloween Playdate Ideas for Toddlers & Preschoolers Pumpkin […]

22.09.2014 in Photography by Lena Gott 0

What to Wear for a Fall Family Photo Shoot

My family of 5 is about to have our first family photo shoot in nearly 2 years next month, and I’m a little unsure what we will actually wear.  I used to think it was silly to see families with coordinating outfits in a portrait. But now that I have three kids, I see the beauty of it. There’s something […]

06.03.2014 in Weight Loss by Lena Gott 0

Shazzy Fitness Dance Challenge – Dance 10 Minutes/Day for 7 Days!

Good morning party people!! :) I’m pretty to excited to announce my very own giveaway on WhatMommyDoes. If you’ve been a reader since last year, you will know that I spent all of 2013 focused on my health. As of today, I’m maintaining at 55 lbs down. On the Way to Losing 75 Lbs Total After getting to this point about […]

19.02.2014 in Fitness by Lena Gott 0

4 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Make Yourself Skinnier. #3 is So Obvious You’ll Wonder Why You Didn’t Think Of It Sooner!

This week I got a little inspiration to put out some quick tip posts that help moms jump-start their weight loss journeys. Most of the advice I offer is intense – no excuses, make a plan, long-term advice. I’m changing my ways and will begin posting some quick tips along with the more detailed posts. Without further ado, here is […]

13.02.2014 in Printables by Lena Gott 12

Cute & Colorful To-Do List Templates

I don’t know how this happens, but every once in a while (especially when my husband is traveling), my to-do list spirals out of control. I write down my list of things to do each week on my calendar on the day I expect to be able to get it done….. Inenevitably, I try to pack way too much into […]

20.01.2014 in Printables by Lena Gott 0

Free Printable Butterfly Stencils, Four Leaf Clover Patterns & Rainbow Templates

Even though it’s only mid-January, today I really got into the mood to plan some spring projects for our household. Nevermind all the laundry waiting for me right now in the laundry room…I have crafts to plan! LOL I started today’s mission with spring flower crafts in mind, but now that I think better about it, I realize I should […]

03.01.2014 in Holidays by Lena Gott 5

Cute Valentine’s Day Snack Ideas for Kids

I LOVE Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, it always seems to sneak up on me after the holidays and pass all too quickly. If I could extend the Valentine’s Day season, I would! In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, I’m planning on making some cute heart-themed snacks for my kids. I thought I’d share some cute ideas I found online. […]

20.12.2013 in Printables by Lena Gott 0

Holly Leaf Templates – Free Printable Patterns to Cut Out

Today I have something new for you. It’s my very own set of printable holly leaf templates! I have needed printable holly leave patterns for a couple different Christmas projects (wreath and stencil patterns). Instead of just grabbing a stencil from another website like I always do, I decided to make my own. Free Printable Templates of Holly Leaves I’d […]

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