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Etsy Product Ideas – 3 Things I Would Buy from You if You Made Them

One of the reasons I started this blog was to be a blessing to others in starting their own home businesses. Like Phil Dunfee in Modern Family when he said he couldn’t NOT think of things he wants for Christmas….I can’t NOT think of tons of different ways to make money! In fact, I have a notebook full of ideas […]

17.10.2014 in Coupons, Making Extra Cash by Lena Gott 1

Ebates $75 Referral Bonus is Here!

Last year, I wrote about how I unwittingly earned $50 for referring two of my friends to This year I am excited because Ebates has upped the referral bonus to $75 for referring three friends. And the good news is anyone can do it! You don’t have to be a blogger to earn the referral bonus. All you need to […]

02.02.2014 in Making Extra Cash by Lena Gott 14

3 Free Things to Sell on Etsy

Not too long ago, I got the bug in me to start an Etsy shop. I was inspired by all the cool, unique, sometimes ordinary things people sell on there. What I realized as I was researching all the different categories is that there are quite a few things you can sell that are actually free. I couldn’t believe it! […]

What to Blog About – 5 Unique Blog Ideas

Blog ideas don’t have to be complicated. Lots of people have neat blogs on fun topics and make money doing it! If you ask almost any blogger why blogging is a good extra income idea, you’ll hear that it’s all about the residual income. Online income is residual and builds on itself. Do you want to get paid for exactly […]

How to Earn Money Fast by Sharing on Facebook

I just made a discovery that I had to share immediately! I recently found a way to legitimately earn a pretty decent amount of money just by referring people to a program I already use. You see, I signed up for the cash back shopping site, Ebates, a while back and started using it for cash rebates on planned purchases. […]

5 Easy Ways to Make Money – Teen Edition

Today my teenage babysitter was telling me that she just got responsibility for paying for her own car-related expenses. She has a new car that’s under warranty for 50,000 miles. But she knows she will have to pay for repairs and maintenance in the future in addition to the car payments, insurance, and taxes in the meantime. Easy Ways to […]

How to Start a Mom Blog in 3 Quick Steps

When you first start researching how to start a blog, it can get overwhelming. People are throwing terms you can’t understand out there in these super-lengthy tutorials that are way over your head. But all you can articulate for the Google search box is “how do you make a website?” I’ve been writing online for nearly 6 years. Sometimes I […]

21.11.2013 in Making Extra Cash by Lena Gott 1

Swagbucks Review – Ways to Earn Swag Bucks & Amazon Gift Cards

I have some cool news. WhatMommyDoes has recently teamed up with Swagbucks to be a Swagbucks Influencer! You may have noticed the nifty Influencer badge on the right side of the screen – that’s what that means. What this means is Swagbucks is going to periodically give me special incentives to offer to my readers so you can earn even […]

10 Mom Business Ideas – Ways to Make Extra Money on the Side

Because my kids are all moving out of the infant stage and they are sometimes away from home (they’re 5, 3, and 1 now, with one in Kindergarten and one in preschool two half days per week), I have a little more free time to think on my own. Recently I’ve found myself thinking about what I’m going to do […]

How Much Money Can You Make Cleaning Houses?

A few months ago, I needed a new house cleaner, and as I did my research online, I quickly realized that I could expect to pay as much as $85 per hour for a crew of two people to clean my house. I thought this was extremely ridiculous. After all, each of those workers likely makes about $10 per hour […]

08.02.2012 in Home Business by Lena Gott 0

Realistic Mommy Home Office Contest – Cast Your Vote!

For the site’s kick-off post, I asked you to send in photos of real-life mommy home offices…and you guys came through!  We have five submissions from moms of all kinds – from writers to business owners, from moms with elementary school aged kids to a mom whose kids just went off to college. The submissions were made on our Facebook page. […]

25.01.2012 in Home Business by Lena Gott 16

Home Office Contest: What Does Your Home Office Space Look Like?

Starting a home business with kids in tow isn’t easy.  Let’s discuss ways to make this process a little bit easier.  We will also discuss valid home business ideas.  Expect to see interviews with real work from home moms! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For the site’s kick-off post, let’s hold a contest!  See the photo above of a very realistic mommy home office? […]

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