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14.12.2012 in Saving Money by Lena Gott 9

7 Things You Don’t Really Need But Buy Anyway

Recently, as I was shopping at Target and buying yet another round of products to keep our household running, it occurred to me that I could easily stop spending money on things that we don’t really need but are simply conditioned to buy. What first got me thinking about this were the dryer sheets I paid $4.99 for. Really? Do […]

08.10.2012 in Budgeting, Saving Money by Lena Gott 17

Five Words That Will Save You Thousands of Dollars Every Year

I have a habit of attaching catchy phrases to situations in my life where decisions are required. These little phrases help me stay on track without having to over think my decision. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like the feeling of buying something and later realizing it was a waste of money. Truthfully, I regret the […]

10.06.2012 in Saving Money by Lena Gott 4

How You Can Save Money by Impulse Saving

Every day, we’re faced with spending decisions. Out for lunch…“Should I order the daily special or what I really want – the pricey crab cakes?”  On the way home after a long day…”Should we get Chinese takeout or grill hamburgers like we planned?  In the checkout line…”Mmmmm – Rachael Ray’s 30 no-fuss meals in under 30 minutes look delicious and […]

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