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25.01.2012 in Home Business by Lena Gott 16

Home Office Contest: What Does Your Home Office Space Look Like?

Starting a home business with kids in tow isn’t easy.  Let’s discuss ways to make this process a little bit easier.  We will also discuss valid home business ideas.  Expect to see interviews with real work from home moms!


For the site’s kick-off post, let’s hold a contest!  See the photo above of a very realistic mommy home office?  Well, I want to see a photo of yours!  Do you share a space with kid’s toys?  Do you set up your computer on the dining room table?  Are you fortunate enough to have a separate room dedicated to your home business?  Let’s see them!

Once we have a handful of submissions (hoping for 25, but hey, it’s our first post!), we will put them all up on Pinterest.  The home office with the most votes will win one lucky mommy a $10 Target gift card and an interview on What Mommy Does to showcase her business!

Here’s how to enter:

1.  Comment below to indicate your interest in participating.  This is how we will track who was first in line in case we need to cut off submissions after a certain point.

2.  Like our Facebook page, then post a photo of your home office on our Facebook page.

It’s that simple!  Good luck!!

When we reach 25 submissions OR on February 4th, whichever comes first, we’ll move onto the voting round.  Voting will begin two days after submissions are cut off.

UPDATE:  Voting has begun!  Find out how to cast your vote for your favorite mommy home office on Pinterest in the following post:

Realistic Mommy Home Office Contest – Cast Your Vote!

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I'm a CPA turned SAHM of 3 little ones ages 2, 4, and 7. I'm a mommy by day, blogger by night. Join me as I write about fun kids activities, family finances, and losing 50 lbs after baby #3.
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This article has 16 comments
  • Lena 25.01.2012 6:33 AM Reply

    Just testing out the comment section…it can be a little confusing as to what those icons mean.

    the person = your name
    the envelope = your email address
    the house = your homepage (if you have one)

  • Val Tobin 25.01.2012 12:49 PM Reply

    I’m working at home with my four-year-old granddaughter and my cat supervising almost everything I do (except seeing clients). My granddaughter is living with us and makes things very interesting. I have a little table for her next to my desk where she does her “work.”

    • Lena 25.01.2012 4:52 PM

      Val – I would love to see a photo of that setup!

      Donald – Long time no see! Thanks!

  • Donald 25.01.2012 1:27 PM Reply


    Best wishes to your success on your new site. I know you will offer great ideas and advice here. You always have – wherever you are.

  • Malysa 25.01.2012 5:51 PM Reply

    I like your new site and am looking forward to watching it grow. I liked your Facebook page and will work on getting a photo submitted before the end of the month.

    I’m working from home while the kids are at school (and when they’re home, which makes things very interesting) and with a crazy dog that likes to plant his huge paw and head right in the middle of the keyboard!

    • Lena 26.01.2012 8:26 PM

      Thanks, Malysa! That would be cool if you could capture the dog with his head on your keyboard. :)

  • Michelle 25.01.2012 8:29 PM Reply

    I just started Triangle Children’s Resource Guide. I work at home and have three small children that stay at home. Needless to say making a phone call has become a task. My kids love playing under my desk and often fall asleep. I just started keeping a blanket and pillow under it.

    • Lena 27.01.2012 2:00 PM

      Your photo is so precious, Michelle! I love it!

  • Amelia 28.01.2012 12:14 AM Reply

    This sounds fun! My current home office is a disaster, but that’s part of the fun, isn’t it?? lol

  • Vicki 28.01.2012 1:27 AM Reply

    I just started a new blog and love what you are up to lately, Lena! I’ve been a SAHM for many years and now have my own office only because my two oldest moved out. I miss them terribly but love my new space!

  • Lena 28.01.2012 3:54 AM Reply

    I’m loving your submissions, Amelia and Vicki! I think we are going to have a tough competition when all is said and done.

  • Jeannie 31.01.2012 2:29 AM Reply

    You are so lucky to be able to work from home that way that you do.. I work full time but also have an at home business as well. I hope everyday that it will take off and I will be able to care for my 3 yr old..

    • Lena 31.01.2012 2:57 PM

      Hi Jeannie,

      What business do you run from home?

  • Bedbug & Mouse 04.02.2012 4:01 PM Reply

    Hi Lena,
    This site is a great idea–especially the coupons, budgeting and home business sections.

    It should prove to be a resource for moms and dads who choose to work from home.

    Three thumbs up!

    • Lena 05.02.2012 4:40 AM

      I didn’t actually intend it to be mainly for those who work from home, but I can see it taking shape now. :)

  • Lena 08.02.2012 5:14 AM Reply

    So sorry for the delay guys…been sick while pregnant..not fun! Voting to begin soon…

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