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Many of you know I published an ebook in December 2015 called 17 Strategies I Used to Increase My Page Views from 17K to 350K+ in 2015. 

What you may not know is that I started writing that ebook in June..... 

I agonized and agonized over my Blog Traffic ebook for nearly SIX whole months in 2015. 

I started drafting it in June, got overwhelmed with the thought of writing and promoting it (I didn’t know where to start, I didn’t know how to format it, didn’t know how you were supposed to “launch” a product, etc) and didn’t pick it back up until October.  

Then I hee-hawed forever on how to format it. Then I got caught up in what exactly my chapters should be and what delivery method I should use. And then I realized I was missing key parts of certain chapters and got caught up in reworking parts of it. 

In all, I spent about 75 hours on my ebook and at least 40 hours of it was spinning my wheels fiddling with silly things like font size and a cover image. 

And when I FINALLY finished my ebook? I had SO MANY DOUBTS! 

Finally, after an excruciatingly long and ridiculus process of going between having no clue how to work the technical side of things, paired with immense self-doubt, I miraculously managed to launch my ebook. 

And guess what?  

Peple actually bought it! A lot of them! I couldn't believe it. The book I agonized over for so long was actually something people wanted!

In hindsight, I realize there is only ONE THING that truly matters. One truth that will mean the difference between sell hundreds of ebooks or just three. 

that's it. that's all that truly matters.

If your ebook will truly help someone with specific problem or dilemma, then you have the golden ticket, my friend! 

Whether your ebook helps someone fill in a technical knowledge gap, learn a new skill, or pick out the right shade of lipstick to wear with every outfit, you know you have a winning ebook if it delivers on what it promises. 

Everything else can be bottled up into a simple ebook creation process. 

Now that I understand the overal book idea validation and creation process, I can look back at the process now and boil it down to the critical elements. The important stuff that actually matters when it comes down to getting your ebook written, published, and ready for distibution to paying customers. 

I am really kicking myself for not publishing my ebook sooner. I lost valuable months of promotion that I'll never get back. Delaying the release date of my ebook no doubt cost me close to $1,000 in revenue (in this ebook, I'll show you income charts to prove it)!

I want something different for you. 

I want you to learn from my mistakes, pull yourself together and publish that long awaited ebook. 

  • Perhaps you have a ton of ebook ideas and no clue where to start? 
  • Perhaps you started an ebook but got overwhelmed and never finished it?
  • Perhaps you have so much self doubt that you're getting in your own way of being a published author?!

No matter your reason for not having a published ebook under your belt, I am here to help.


Simple Ebook Creation holds your hand & walks you through the process of creating a fantastic ebook. It prevents you from overthinking each step & getting in your own way of publishing on schedule!



The simple process for drafting and editing your ebook in a way that avoids wasting your precious time and draining your mental energy.



How to get honest reviews from the right people AND how to use constructive criticism to improve your ebook without letting it bring you down.  

mobile devices


How to easily set up an affiliate program so that other bloggers can promote your book!



Don't let formatting your ebook be the thing that bogs you down! We'll cover the easy way to format your ebook & use templates to save time.

Pen and paper


How to handle the techy part so that you can sell ebooks while you're sleeping! We'll walk through set up inside of SendOwl, a simple to use e-product delivery service.



How to price your book and offer coupons while still getting paid what you want. We'll walk through the actual pricing thought process for my Blog Traffic Ebook & I'll share what I'd do different next time!

“If you are overwhelmed at the prospect of writing and publishing your first book, this how-to guide is perfect! 

The steps are clearly organized ad easy enough that a novice will immediately feel as though this is something they can do. After reading Lena's book, I am empowered to publish my first e-book!"

Sara Reimers ~ SunshineWhispers.cm


If you are stuck on any part of the ebook creation process, SIMPLE EBOOK CREATION will give you a to do list to redirect yourself and stay on track.

This ebook contains a simple framework for compiling an ebook on any topic. 

As soon as you are done, you will be able to use your ebook as an email opt-in, paid product, or in a bundle! 



There is no theory here - this ebook is written from my personal experience writing my first ebook, which has sold nearly 500 copies to date.  

Learn from my mistakes and successes to quickly create the ebook that your audience has been dying for!

About Lena

Lena is a CPA turned stay at home mom, turned work at home mom. She is the blogger behind the successful site What Mommy Does and released her first ebook, "How I Went from 17k to 350k Pageviews in 9 Months" in December 2015 after nearly SIX MONTHS of agonizing ebook creation, self doubt, and nearly trashing the whole thing!  

She used that experience to put together her best tips and tricks into her newest ebook, "Simple Ebook Creation," so other bloggers don't have to take as long as publish their creations for the world to see. 

“Get this guide! It will answer ALL of your pressing ebook creation questions. 

I kept getting stuck in the final stages of my ebook and Lena's guide helped me figure out landing pages and come up with a plan to get it out into the world. This guide is an invaluable resource if you're writing an ebook!"

Jessica Cohen ~ EatSleepBe.com


Having the ability to generate more income when you need to is the best part about being an entrepreneur. 

Ebooks bring extra revenue while simultaneously establishing your expertise in your field. All that is standing between you and a published ebook is a bird's eye view of the process so you can understand what needs to be done and when. 

only $17.00

I can't wait to see your published ebook! 

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