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How to Make Your Bathroom Smell Good All the Time {the 5 Best Ways!}

    I’m not one to keep my bathrooms shiny and spotless because I HATE cleaning bathrooms with a passion! I will happily wash an unlimited amount of dishes, wash mountains of laundry, and mop all the floors…..but bathrooms??!! YUCK!! The reason I don’t like getting intimate with my bathrooms (the smell) is precisely theKeep Reading

How Long Does it Take to Make Money Blogging?

A question I get from most people who just started their blog is “when will I start making money from this?” Or, “how much do people make blogging?”   I want to answer their question, but oftentimes I don’t know where to start because if they are asking about money from day one, then itKeep Reading

Easy Heart Coloring Pages for Kids {Stripe Patterns!}

Every year I like to create a few new coloring pages for my blog.  This year I’ve decided to go back to basics and make a set of EASY HEART COLORING PAGES FOR KIDS! Both options have stripes on them. I ALWAYS loved creating my own stripey hearts as a kid (honestly, I still doodleKeep Reading


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  1. Jake Jones says

    Good stuff, Lena. Still trying to get the hang of this stuff myself. Maybe one day I will have the same level of success as you!

    Doing a lot of the stuff in the list is hard, but definitely necessary. However, #6 is my favorite and the easiest for me. I love listening to audible and podcasts.