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The Best Penny Saving Challenges for 2020

  Have you heard of the penny challenge? It’s an easy way to save up $600 a year, starting with a literal penny! The next time you see a penny in the streets, you’ll definitely stop and pick it up once you see what you can do with the money saved in this 52 weekKeep Reading

Easy Bible Verse Coloring Page {Psalm 136}

    Today I have something lovely to share with you – a free printable Bible verse coloring page of Psalm 136:26!  I just LOVE meditating on the Lord’s word and I find that I can concentrate best when I have something to write on.  Sometimes I even create my OWN coloring pages during sermonsKeep Reading

Top 10 Gifts For Super Smart Kids

    Finding toys for smart kids is a challenge because they often get bored with toys that are age-recommended.  So in this post I’m gonna suggest some toys that your intelligent child or grandchild might like!  One of the greatest things about children is that they love learning! They thrive on toys and gamesKeep Reading


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  1. Jake Jones says

    Good stuff, Lena. Still trying to get the hang of this stuff myself. Maybe one day I will have the same level of success as you!

    Doing a lot of the stuff in the list is hard, but definitely necessary. However, #6 is my favorite and the easiest for me. I love listening to audible and podcasts.