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How to Treat Rough, Uneven Skin with Microderm Abrasion at Home

This post is sponsored by Trophy Skin. All opinion are 100% my own.   Have you ever wondered how to make your skin smoother and more even-textured again? As I approach the big 4-0 (next year) it’s something I’m wondering quite often. My skin has always seemed problematic, but in the recent years it’s definitelyKeep Reading

Six Super Cute Bake Sale Packaging Ideas

Does anyone have a kid who goes to a school where there are bake sales as a fundraiser? Cue every mom in America tossing their hands up! After years of bake sale guilt where I spent hours trying to perfect cookie recipes to send to school, I finally had an epiphany: You can charge wayKeep Reading


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  1. Jake Jones says

    10/02/2018 at 9:44 PM

    Good stuff, Lena. Still trying to get the hang of this stuff myself. Maybe one day I will have the same level of success as you!

    Doing a lot of the stuff in the list is hard, but definitely necessary. However, #6 is my favorite and the easiest for me. I love listening to audible and podcasts.