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29.11.2012 in Holidays, Printables by Lena Gott 4

Printable Christmas Gift List

free printable cute Christmas Gift lists

Every year, I vow to get my Christmas shopping done at least a couple weeks before Christmas so I don’t have to rush around a few days before December 25th finding last-minute presents.

I did a little bit better than usual last year, but still found myself at the mall two days before Christmas looking for a couple of things.

What Will It Take To Get My Holiday Gift List on Track?

This year’s gonna be the year I achieve my goal. I can feel it. No more rush shipping packages to my nieces and nephews because I waited too long to mail their gifts!

The first step in getting Christmas under control is making a Christmas gift list. I like using a Christmas-themed printable worksheet for this. I couldn’t find the link to the one I used last year, so I did another search and found several I like.

I thought I’d share them in case anyone else needs to keep track of Christmas gift progress!

Free Printable Christmas Gift List Worksheet Templates

  • Printable Christmas Gift Planner – I especially like Organized Home’s Christmas present planner for the ability to keep track of gift wrapping and shipment status as well as budgeted amounts and actual cost. The template I used last year didn’t offer space to track budgeted versus actual gift cost, so I had to write than information down in the margins. I like that this one includes the comparison. It helps with setting a realistic Christmas gift budget for next year.
  • Holiday Gift Planner – This festive holiday gift list planner gives you ample space for logging gift ideas and space to track purchase, wrapping, and delivery. Doesn’t have a budget to actual comparison column, but that can be handwritten. I’d have to print two of these to fit in everyone on my list. Between my siblings and my husband’s brother, we have lots of kids to buy for this year! To access it, click on the Christmas Gift Giving Planner image (the second large image on the page). I saved it to my computer as a PDF file, then printed the PDF.
  • Printable Christmas Gift Tracking Template – I like this plain planner because it keeps track of exactly what I need to know. If only it had a cute background or images…anything to make it festive!
  • Cute Christmas Present Planner – This iMom freebie is the Christmas gift planner for me this year! It tracks recipients, gift ideas, store ideas, budget and actual $$ amounts. All that, and it has a really cute background theme and icons for tracking wrapping/mailing status. I just printed two pages and am sitting down to make my Christmas gift list in just a moment!

Should I Go Electronic for Christmas?   

Free Printable Christmas Templates - Santa Claus, Mittens, Christmas Trees and More

You Can Never Have Too Many Christmas Printables! CLICK HERE for some FREE Printable Christmas Stencils

It just occurred to me there are probably apps for this. I love my iPhone, but I think I’ll stick to the paper and pencil method this year. No need to technologize everything in my life!

I hope you’re able to use one of the planners above to keep on top of your gift planning this year.

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Note: Some of the links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

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